November 4, 2013

Ley MATAMPI loaned for one season

Ley MATAMPI loaned for one season to the champion of Angola
Ley MATAMPI loaned for one season

TP Mazembe and the Angolan club Kabuscorp have reached an agreement for the loan of the goalkeeper Ley MATAMPI VUMI to the champion of the Girabola. Arrived in TPM on December 3, 2011 from DCMP, the Congolese goalkeeper played the next year 14 games, including 12 as owner and two as a substitute for a total of 961 minutes.

A boon for Ley MATAMPI who will certainly have more playing time for a season in the champions of Angola, Kabuscorp. The understudy of KIDIABA will find in this "paradise” his fellow Congolese footballers Biscotte MBALA MBUTA, LAMY YEKIMI and Mpele MPELE.


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