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Beware of fake jersey!


Beware of fake jersey!

April 11, 2019

With the results of TPM in the Champion’s League likewise in Ligue 1, counterfeiters intend to sell stocks of fake jersey imitating those of SOGAM brand. Since last week, the official supplier of TPM has called upon customs administration and justice to hunt down and have the gravediggers brought to justice.

During this TPM African and national campaigns, every supporter wants to wear the Ravens jersey. But watch out for counterfeits! In Dar-Es-Salaam and in Lubumbashi as well, fake jersey are sold on stalls at broken prices. By examining the quality of seams, textiles, it is easy to see that they are copies, so fake.

When you find such jerseys on the street, at prices certainly very attractive, first inquire about the price of the real jerseys from the official seller who is none other than SOGAM Company located right next to the entrance to the Central Stand of the TPM stadium.

The Official supplier of TPM, SOGAM reminds all gravediggers that any reproduction by copy of a trademark, or model protected by an industrial property right, without the authorization of its owner, constitutes an act of counterfeiting. In accordance with the Congolese law, any natural or legal person who practices in the production and sale of derivative products bearing the emblems of Tout Puissant Mazembe will be brought to justice.

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