November 30, 2018

Jerseys and other items for sale in Goma

Jerseys and other items for sale in Goma

The brand Sogam – which already dresses fans – and will be the next TPM equipment supplier, has just made available to fans of Goma t-shirts and caps. "Chez Mamy Mode" is the official distributor of the brand in this part of the country, the first of its kind.

The Boutique "Chez Mamy Mode" in Goma and the Sogam brand have agreed to market jerseys and other items dedicated to fans. Located at Kanyamwanga Boulevard No. 24 in Goma City, this shop will increase the brand's presence and will be able to meet requests in this part of the country.

While waiting for the official jerseys of the professional team, do not hesitate to visit "Chez Mamy Mode" to get T-shirts and caps. In the coming weeks, a corner of the store will be entirely devoted to TPM, customers will find all the official items and products in the colors of the club.

Congratulations to Sogam which is making progress in its development.


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