November 30, 2018

Place to « Zelothique » of Bunia!

Place to « Zelothique » of Bunia!

For this first day of work in Bunia, the technical staff organized a rather thorough scrub. At Stade Amani, for nearly an hour, playful play and a brief tactical set-up – cut short because of the crowds – were on the menu of the session on Friday, November 30th.

TPM familiarize with a "naked sand" a nickname given by local journalists to the Amani Stadium of Bunia's playground. On the side of the players, mainly those who grew up in Kinshasa, an area like this one is called Zelothique. Borrowed from Lingala language and composed of two words, "Zelo" which means sand and "thique" referring to the artificial grass commonly called Synthetic.

On this pitchless field, the good news is that no player was injured during the first session...

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