December 2, 2018

In Bunia, a duo "MAMU" was born!

This is how MULEKA hovered on the sand of Mont Bleu
In Bunia, a duo "MAMU" was born!

In the sand of Bunia, no bettor could dare to bet on this score. And, in addition, to see a dominating TPM in the game. And yet... Efficient, Ravens imposed an offensive attitude in a fixture where the rule was "adapt to produce a big benefit”.

The match confirmed the potential of the "MAMU", this duo MALANGO-MULEKA who signed the three goals. Only one bad note in this game, after a series of passes at ten, Ravens fell into ease at the end. Logically, they will be punished because of this reduction of the score at 9 minutes of the term. But the essential is done, with this big success outside. And 7 points out of 9 in this campaign of the East.

Live again the game live:

15 minutes before kick off by Mont Bleu-TPM, the sky is totally covered with clouds. Over the minutes, they will dissipate. In the pitch, warm up. In the stands, fans have already stormed the venue and are waiting for the show. To get to the stadium, you have to pay 6.000 FC. On the side of the official grandstand, some plastic chairs are installed while the other spectators must remain standing because there is no step at Stade Amani

Mont Bleu-TPM. Kick off in Stade Amani in Bunia. The local players start

39 seconds: Mont Bleu is awarded a first corner kick the match that is badly negotiated

2nd On a long ball missed by the local defense, Ben MALANGO strikes at 25 meters. Well placed, the goalkeeper BOKILI lies down and picks up the ball

7th Mont Bleu aims to put all the balls in the surface of MOUNKORO to put TPM in trouble. On a crossing ball, the central defense is absent to the subscribers, a new crossing ball by the local players this time cleared

15th Mont Bleu-TPM 0-0. Very enterprising local players in front of Ravens who do not want to take risks. A first fifteen minutes of observation for MIHAYO's men

17th GOAAAAL….. Jackson MULEKA. On a tight free-kick of Djos ISSAMA, Rainford KALABA alone on the right served by this pass from the head of Glody LIKONZA. The shot of the captain fails on the amount and the bib 17, as a surface fox, emerges to conclude with the left foot. 0-1

22nd KALABA misses a ball of 2-0. MULEKA crushes his shot, which turns into a forwarding pass for the captain who fails on the goalkeeper

23rd On the corner that follows, KOUAME, well placed in front of the surface, strikes with his left foot. It goes a few inches of the top corner of BOKILI

27th Mont Bleu in his garden tries to surprise TPM. At 30 meters, BAHATI WINGI is off target

30th Mont Bleu-TPM 0-1. By dint of grumbling, two local players each received a yellow card: Alexandre KPSANI (10th) and NYAMAISO BONANE (29th)

33rd Assisted by his audience, Mont Bleu is still pushing. In search of equalization, Yannick BAMBU strikes from the entrance of the surface. In two stages, Ibrahim MOUNKORO stops the attempt

35th Jackson MULEKA took a shot, game stopped for a moment. All the forwards sent for the warm-up: Meschak ELIA, Chico USHINDI and Abdoulaye SISSOKO

37th Return to the pitch of the scorer. Very quickly, he notices himself and finds Glody LIKONZA in a penetrating pass. KFA's product shot misses

42nd Rainford KALABA receives a yellow card for a voluntary hand control. The captain slowed a relaunch of local players. Still 0-1 at the scorer

43rd Ibrahim MOUNKORO stops an off-center free-kick from Wanichan CHONGA

44th The TPM defense is doing well on a Mont Bleu attack

45th The MAMU duo (MALANGO-MULEKA) works well. Jackson crosses the center line and puts a great ball to Ben, a control by latter is too long and it benefits the goalkeeper of Mont Bleu

Half-Time in Stade Amani of Bunia. Mont Bleu-TPM 0-1. So far, the team of Mazembe is irreproachable with regard to the conditions of play and Mont Bleu like a fish in the water on this sandy pitch.  TPM must remain vigilant and especially score a second goal to be safe. In the absence of an additional goal, we must keep the goal scored!

Second Half. Mont Bleu-TPM 0-1

Boooommmm….. And 2-0 signed Jackson MULEKA. Only 36 seconds after the restart, Jean KASUSULA clears the ball, a defender of Mont Bleu and his goalkeeper miss the ball, Jackson MULEKA followed the movement and won the duel in front of goalkeeper BOKILI for the double

55th Héritier BAFWA replaces KOMBE IKWA

56th Big rescue of MOUNKORO on a volley of MACHOZI. Well placed in a closed angle, he puts the ball into a corner. Still 0-2

59th Nice KALABA nice put the ball into play for ISSAMA, the strike of the winger passes over

61st Meschak ELIA relays Rainford KALABA

64th Mont Bleu misses a goal ball. On a well-conducted offensive phase, MACHOZI strikes at the entrance of the surface, the ball is deflected and passes a few centimeters from the goal of MOUNKORO

66th Chico USHINDI come in on place of Glody LIKONZA

69th Before executing the free-kick by Djos ISSAMA, Kevin MONDEKO is elbowed in a scramble in front of the box. Game is stopped and hope it does not matter for the defender

71st And 3-0 by Ben MALANGO. Launched on the right side by Doxa GIKANJI, Big Ben eliminates a defender with a head control before scoring comfortably

73rd Trésor MPUTU replaces a double scorer Jackson MULEKA

75th In this sandy pitch, Ravens achieve a pass at ten and dominate widely

80th Mont Bleu-TPM, still 0-3

81st Score Reduction by Mont Bleu. Christian Koffi KOUAME misses his chest control, then Rainford KALABA does not control the ball, Alexandre KPASINI in front of the defense shoots with his left foot and it's inside. 1-3

85th Mont Bleu-TPM 1-3. Watch out for this late awakening of local players...

86th MOUNKORO goes out to stop an attack on Mont Bleu. Two big interventions from the Raven goalkeeper... After the release, he lies on the ground, far from his goal, while the players of Mont Bleu had the ball possession

There will be 6 minutes of additional time

90th Ibrahim MOUNKORO gets treatment on the playground

We play additional time. Ibrahim has recovered

90th+3 Ben MALANGO tries a bicycle in front of the big rectangle. It goes over

90th+4 MOUNKORO will have to finish on one leg. The goalkeeper let his team-mates know after stopping an opponent's strike.

Gamer Over, Mont Bleu-TPM 1-3. Ravens hover over Mont Bleu




  • - 17th Jackson MULEKA
  • - 46th Jackson MULEKA
  • - 71st Ben MALANGO (Doxa GIKANJI)
  • - 81st Alexandre KPASINI

Yellow cards:

  • - 10th Alexandre  KPSANI
  • - 29th Bonane NYAMAISO
  • - 42nd Rainford KALABA


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