December 8, 2018

Ravens brought the East on their knees!

Nathan SINKALA comes back and scores
Ravens brought the East on their knees!

Unlike the game against Dauphin Noir, where the conclusion was lacking, the "black and white" have this time scored two great goals against Nyuki. Effective, it is the ghosts Nathan SINKALA and Deo KANDA, following the services of Trésor MPUTU and Djos ISSAMA, who put the team away from any jolt of local players. Solidary, Ravens were also well helped by Sylvain GBOHOUO, author of a magnificent save on a shot at close range by Bola LOBOTA (90th+1).

Ravens come back toLubumbashi, on Sunday December 9, after 17 fruitful days in harvesting points: three wins (Muungano, Mont Bleu and Nyuki) and onedraw (Dauphin Noir. While waitingfor Linafoot to decide over the case of Bazano match, TPMhas in total 37 points after 13 games, the men of MIHAYOare comfortable in the top of partial standing ahead of DCMP 23 points for 10 games, Rangers 21 points after 13 games

The last game of first leg against AS Dragons Bilima, initially scheduled on Sunday, December 16, is postponed to Tuesday 18 inst. At Kamalondo.

A quarter of an hour from the Nyuki-Mazembe match, it rains and the sky is totally cloudy. The weather forecast heavy rain in the following minutes

KICK OFF IN GOMA. Bola LOBOTA from Nyuki starts

At the whistle of this match of the 15th day, Jeef BAGANDA his assistant is ASIFIWE KITUNGANO and Patrick NGALAMULUME. All from South Kivu

3rd First alert of Ravens. Chico USHINDI finds Ben MALANGO in a forwarding pass, the center-forward of TPM misses his pass back. In the pitch, Nyuki is very motivated

4th Another big opportunity of TPM. Chico finds MPUTU eccentric in the surface. Number 8 lights two defenders and puts a small ball in front of goal, local defense rescues

5th TPM grows at the beginning of the match. Joseph OCHAYA, very offensive, crosses, intervention of the Nyuki goalkeeper

6th Tresor MPUTU chokes a ball from the head to an opposing defender. From 40 meters, he tries a lob, it goes over. 0-0

7th Nyuki Reaction, it takes a good dive of GBOHOUO to save TPM

10th Trésor MPUTU in his works. On a counterattack, he wipes out two defenders and shoots at 35 meters. Big rescue of the goalkeeper Arsène KAMBALE, corner for TPM and 0-0 in the scoreboard. This is played shot in a row

11th MPUTU will play this corner kick and puts the ball on the head of Nathan SINKALA. The Zambian jumps higher than anyone and catapults the ball towards the goal, the goalkeeper's last-ditch save for Nyuki. What an opportunity!!!

18th MIKA long ball for ABAGANA, the Cameroonian crossing ball finds no striker

22nd Trésor MPUTU alerts Moussa ABAGANA who completely misses his shot. Still 0-0

23rd MIKA launches USHINDI in a forwarding pass, the crossing ball of the winger is very poorly adjusted

27th Goal by Nathan SINKALA....... Off-court shot of Trésor MPUTU, Nathan SINKALA's header sends the ball into the top corner. Nyuki 0, Mazembe 1

35th TPM, under a fine rain, is defending well. Beautiful demonstration

38th Nice collective sequence of Ravens that led to a Joseph OCHAYA crossing ball. Panic in bees hive, MALANGO picks up it goes over

40th Trésor MPUTU misses the ball of 2-0, he shoots with the left foot. Nyuki's goalkeeper's dive is spectacular to get the ball out

41st generation of KIMWAKI saves TPM. On a crossing ball from BOLA, local players were almost able to equalize. Still 0-1

45th Joel KIMWAKI starts an offensive, story of Nyuki and Nathan SINKALA shoots at 30 meters. It misses

Half-Time in stade de l'unité of Goma. AS Nyuki-TP Mazembe 0-1. Ravens control bees on an artificial and slipping turf due to rain. In the game, the men of MIHAYO are enterprising in front of the local players who are very motivated, it makes sense because in front there is TPM. Leading is good, time now to keep the score while also having the desire to score a second goal to be safe

Second act, Association Sportive Nyuki-Tout Puissant Mazembe

48th ELIA and KANDA warming up

49th CHONGO, in the surface of Nyuki, fails to turn his head over the free-kick of Trésor MPUTU

52nd GBOHOUO released in the air, scrambling in the surface of TPM. Nyuki strikers miss, Joël KIMWAKI stops the ball and Nathan SINKALA clears

53rd In two stages, GBOHOUO stops a shot by MAMBA MUKOMBOZI

56th Chico USHINDI goes down, Meschak ELIA goes up

60th Deo KANDA for Moussa ABAGANA

62nd Abi FAZILI receives a yellow card for a hustle and bustle on Deo KANDA

63rd OCHAYA combines with KANDA and crosses the ball, Nyuki goalkeeper goes off line goal

65th Joel KIMWAKI stops a beautiful counterattack of Nyuki. At 2 against 1, the defender is doing well. Thank you Mister Kim. Still 0-1 at the scoreboard

66th CHONGO clears in catastrophy in front of GBOHOUO. Zambian central defender did not want to take risk

66th Nyuki vintage a free-kick in full axis. At 25 meters, Pascal KITENGE does not shoot on target. Highlight of the local players

67th Ben MALANGO, his bicycle, misses what could be called the goal of the year if it had gone to the bottom. Served by MPUTU, Big Ben at the penalty area controls his chest and turns around as he knows how to do it in order to shoot. Unfortunately, Nyuki's goalkeeper is in place to stop the ball

73rd TPM lacks to increase the score. Djos ISSAMA recovers the ball and serves Trésor MPUTU. The Bib 8 passes a small penetrating ball and finds Ben MALANGO in a forwarding pass, the latter crosses for Meschak ELIA, the goalkeeper was beaten but pity that the winger can not manage to intercept the ball

79th Treasury MPUTU sent out for Glody LIKONZA for a new breath in the midfield

80th AS NYUKI-TPM 0-1

81st Deo KANDA scores the 2-0. On free kick by Djos ISSAMA, Deo KANDA wraps, it's in!

84th Joel KIMWAKI puts in a corner a ball of goal of the local players. TPM broke a sweat, Nyuki does not abdicate. Obviously Mr Kim does not want to miss anything today

87th The power and technique of Ben MALANGO put to profit. Nyuki's entire defense can not stop him. He crosses for Deo KANDA ... unfortunately for the second scorer of TPM who is offside

88th MIKA receives a yellow card

90th There will be 3 minutes of additional time

90th+1 What a save of Sylvain GBOHOUO! The Ivorian international comes out of the game, the action comes from a bad pass of MIKA. Nyuki's BOLA is going crazy after this missed Opportunity




- 27th Nathan SINKALA (Free-kick MPUTU)

- 81st Deo KANDA (Free-kick ISSAMA)

Yellows cards:

- 62nd Abi FAZILI

- 88th Miché MIKA


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