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Offensive Festival against Salesians!

L1, Day 25: CS DON BOSCO-TPM 2-5

Offensive Festival against Salesians!

April 30, 2019

Author 2 goals against CS Don Bosco (2-5), Tuesday, April 30 in Kamalondo, Jackson MULEKA proved once again that he knew how to be decisive when his team needed it the most. Already seen this season since when TPM is deadlocked, he often relies on the talent of his center forward to reverse the course of a game.

Of the 19 goals he scored this season in the league, 5 had a direct impact on the final result.

While an offensive demonstration, the small regret to settle lies in the offensive largesse on the basis of two goals conceded in 27 minutes ... To be avoided on Saturday!

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5th In Don Bosco's starting squad, 7 came from KFA, 2 from Ecofoot Moïse KATUMBI, 1 from a Kinshasa partner academy and the goalkeeper former of New Soger. In the pitch, the game is very pleasant with young players ready to cause trouble to Ravens

11th Still 0-0. The first shot on target of the match is in the hands of the Salesians. Offset on the right, Amissi MUNUNGA finds Christ KISANGALA, the instantaneous strike of the young player is stopped in two stages by Aimé BAKULA. TPM is struggling to move forward, its attacking trident is isolated

16th 0-0. Ravens are slow in shooting on target but get their first corner kick at the end of the first fifteen minutes of play. A penetrating pass of MASENGO for Jackson MULEKA is deviated by the left-back Salesian

Ben MALANGO takes a blow in a duel, game momentarily stopped. Doctors run to bring first aid to the Ravens center forward

21st CS Don Bosco-TPM 0-0. Ben MALANGO will not be able to continue the game, he will have to be replaced by Abdoulaye SISSOKO. Hard blow to the technical staff who wanted to give him a little more play time

25th 1-0. Christ KISANGALA wraps it from 25 meters, it is in

27th 2-0. Idriss KISHA is at the conclusion of a counterattack. Into back position, he strikes and scores on a pass from Fabrice MBAYA. Waouh!

31st Still 2-0 for Salesians. Glody LIKONZA takes a voluntary blow from Pele MANZANZA, it's nasty but the referee punishes only the foul without warning the midfielder from Don Bosco

34th Timidly, Ravens try to play forward. Jean KASUSULA crosses the ball, Maestro KALABA's head passes over

36th CS Don Bosco-TPM 2-1. Jackson MULEKA allows Ravens to recover. On a throw-in from Godet MASENGO, he strikes at the first goal post... It's in

41st Jackson MULEKA launched by Abdoulaye SISSOKO loose an instant hit from the outside of the foot, it misses

44th Doxa GIKANJI tries at 35 meters, it's under the crossbar but the goalkeeper was on the trajectory and saves it

Two minutes of additional time

Half Time at Kamalondo. CS Don Bosco-TPM 2-1

Second Half-Time at Kamalondo. Salesians are leading against Ravens

46th Abdoulaye SISSOKO was close to equalize. The Malian strike, hit by the goalkeeper, fails on the crossbar before going out for a corner kick

54th CS Don Bosco-TPM 2-1. Corner kicked by Jean KASUSULA, the head of Glody LIKONZA shaves the goal post... Chico USHINDI is warming up

58th Ravens play well and manage a pass at ten. Abbas NAJEEB and Doxa GIKANJI win and recover the ball. Abdoulaye SISSOKO launches Godet MASENGO. The pass is not good

59th CS Don Bosco-TPM 2-2. Jackson MULEKA equalizes. Served by Rainford KALABA, he wipes out two defenders, gets off and regains his left foot. What goal!!

60th Ravens return in the game with this double of the young Jacskon MULEKA

62nd The double striker sent out, Chico USHINDI run up field

69th CS Don Bosco-TPM 2-2. First Arsène ZOLA then Glody LIKONZA miss the target of the head

70th Chico USHINDI wins a face-to-face in front of a goalkeeper Charles LAWU but the ball goes away. He recovers and serves Glody LIKONZA... The young from the KFA is late

72nd CS Don Bosco-TPM 2-3. Ravens go ahead thanks to Glody LIKONZA who is the conclusion, of the head, of a crossing ball by Abdoulaye SISSOKO

76th Patou KABANGU replaces Rainford KALABA

80th CS Don Bosco-TPM 2-4. On a MASENGO penetrating pass, Abdoulaye SISSOKO scores. The right winger has infiltrated into the surface of its former partners before serving the Malian back

85th Glody LIKONZA reported offside on a Patou KABANGU offset. It could be 5-2 for Ravens but a pity that the goal is denied

90th CS Don Bosco-TPM 2-5. Ravens' machine crushes Salesians. Launched by Doxa GIKANJI at the edge of the offside, Chico USHINDI also participates in the offensive festival by scoring the fifth goal

It will be 1 more minute for the additional time

Game over. CS Don Bosco-TPM 2-5



- 25th Christ KISANGALA 1-0

- 27th Idriss KISHA (Fabrice MBAYA) 2-0

- 36th Jackson MULEKA (Godet MASENGO) 2-1

- 59th Jackson MULEKA (Rainford KALABA) 2-2

- 72nd Glody LIKONZA (Abdoulaye SISSOKO) 3-2

- 80th Abdoulaye SISSOKO (Godet MASENGO) 4-2

- 90th Chico USHINDI (Doxa GIKANJI) 5-2


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