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On the way for a 2nd round!


On the way for a 2nd round!

June 17, 2019

The election of the 2019 Golden Raven has raised enthusiasm among fans. In a few hours, more than 500 votes arrived by email on the website, on  Facebook page and on Twitter. Of the six nominees, four quickly stepped away. And will be in the race for a second round.

Your feedback has shown that Jackson MULEKA has become a new  Kamal City "Darling" and elsewhere. Because you need players who arouse your emotions and scorers often have your preference. Like  dribblers, able to eliminate an opponent of a feint of body, like Meschak ELIA. The regularity in the performance seduces others, who rely on Kevin MONDEKO, pillar of TPM. And then there are the nostalgia ones. Those who do not forget the magical moments that a player has made them live and from then on, with a pounding heart, raise Trésor MPUTU on a pedestal.

As you can see, the four players who have won the most votes and won their place in the second round are Jackson MULEKA, Kevin MONDEKO, Trésor MPUTU and Meschak ELIA. It's up to you to vote again for the one who deserves to be named "2019 Golden Raven" and succeed Rainford KALABA on the list. And congratulations to KOUAME and ISSAMA who were often quoted.

Counters are reset to zero. You have until Wednesday June 19th at midnight to vote. MULEKA? ELIA? MPUTU? MONDEKO? Make your choice.



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