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Atmosphere in Cairo: very Warm!


Atmosphere in Cairo: very Warm!

June 21, 2019

In Cairo, the time has come to launch an exciting AFCON 2019, ripped out of Cameroon not ready to receive 24 nations – a first time – for the most important African football event. A few hours before the opening game and the launch of the competition, our media reporter 727 (his accreditation number) reveals the atmosphere on site where the temperature reaches 40 degrees.

- From our special reporter Héritier YINDULA -

Egypt, this country that is not part of Maghreb! In Arabic, Maghreb means "countries of the setting sun" and geopolitically speaking it includes Morocco, Algeria and Tunisia, to which are Mauritania in the west is added and Libya in the east to form the Grand Maghreb. If among the five aforementioned countries, the French language has found its place, there is no question in Egypt where even English struggles to be spoken!

To well enjoy AFCON: Arabic vocabulary is advised...

For a week now, supporters from other French-speaking and English-speaking countries have landed in Egypt. If Francophones like Congolese, Ivoirians, Malians, Guineas, Burundians, Malagasy, Senegalese, Beninese, spent a few weeks learning to speak elementary English ("English for Africa" as the title of several school books in Africa) this will not have served them anything on the banks of the Nile. You want to travel easily before the end of AFCON, so learn some common terms of Arabic vocabulary! Otherwise, you will have anecdotes to tell when you will back home. A taxi-driver who takes you to another hotel because of language challenge: This was my experienced...

Beyond these language concerns, everything has been put in place at the immigration service so that visitors can only keep in mind the good hospitality of the hosting country and its efficiency in the organization, good so far. Congratulations Egypt!

No VAR before quarterfinals   

The stadiums of Cairo have a new look. Every 10 meters, in the vicinity, Traffic Police provide the essential. Again, no improvisation. And the strongest announcement of this day before the match, Ahmed AHMAD, boss of the CAF, made it to journalists on Thursday, June 20:

« I welcome the outstanding commitment of the Egyptian President to organize this AFCON in his country in five months. All the organizers of this competition have come together to make it a success ... »Remarks by President AHMAD sound right and are approved by all. And the boss of the CAF continues: « The preparations for AFCON are in good shape. The lights are green for a total success of this tournament. We have the total guarantee of the Egyptian government in terms of security... »he insisted as reported by, the official website of the Confederation.

In his communication, the announcement that quickly raised questions, it is the one about the famous VAR, Video Assistance to Arbitration. "The CAF Executive Committee decided that VAR would only be used from the quarterfinals ..." AHMAD said, drawing on the expertise of his technicians. His authority justifies its decision by the lack of control of this new technology in Africa when we want good football.

Online tickets, foreigners not sufficiently informed!

For this competition, a ticket office is online. A beautiful innovation. Many foreign supporters have come to the land of the Pharaohs without this valuable information.

The Procedure is as follows:

  • - Go to, then create a profile to get a fan card (FAN ID). Three languages are available, English, Arabic and French. The card will be the main form of identification at the gates of the stadium during the tournament.
  • - Once you've got your card, you can choose to pay online for different ticket categories with immediate printing options, or pick them up from multiple outlets across Egypt, depending on the category you purchased.

Be careful in following these instructions so you do not have to watch TV games from your hotel!

From June 21, with the game Egypt-Uganda at 20:00, to July 19, date of the final, placed at the top of African football. May the party be beautiful!

Innovation: two refreshment breaks of three minutes (30th and 75th minutes) will be observed during the matches.

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