May 17, 2013

The management of Moïse KATUMBI attracts CAF

Moïse KATUMBI and Constant OMARI, on top of the Congolese in CAF
The management of Moïse KATUMBI attracts CAF

The appointment of the Chairman of TPM, Moïse Katumbi as a member of the organizing committee of CAN was approved Thursday by the Executive Committee of CAF. For a two year term, from 2013 to 2015, the Chairman and four other Congolese serve in various standing committees of CAF.

Here are the five promoted:

1. Constant OMARI SELEMANI current President of FECOFA. He will assume the office of President of the commission licensing clubs, Vice-Chairman of the Committee U-20, a member of the organizing committee of the AFCON and member of the Finance Committee.

2. Moïse KATUMBI, the Chairman of TPM was appointed member of the organizing committee of AFCON. It is a new responsibility for the boss of TPM as member of the strategic committee of FIFA since January 2, 2012. It will not be a first experience of Moïse Katumbi in CAF since 2009 because he serves on the marketing committee of the same forum.

3. MASAMBA MALUNGA current Vice - President of FECOFA is promoted as member of the audit committee.

4. Roger BONDEMBE BOKANYANGA current vice president of FECOFA is appointed as member of the Legal Affairs Committee. He takes over Laurent NKWIM LAY, the late Vice-President of the FECOFA who died in 2011.

5. Roland Modeste NZILA FANAN current Assistant Principal of communications and Media for FECOFA becomes a member of the CAF Media Committee. He succeeds François KABULO MWANA KABULO.

Furthermore, the Senegalese Mamaya BADARA SENE, former vice president of the Referees Committee, the African arbitration has taken steps. He has become the Deputy Vice-President of the African arbitration. He was named after the departure of the Tunisian Tarek BOUCHAMAOUI.

Gathered for two days meeting in Cairo, Egypt, from 15 to 16 May, members of the executive committee have not only looked at the appointments of various committees. Many other resolutions were endorsed by the CAF leaders as it is said in a statement published on the official website of the Confederation.

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