October 14, 2013

Will the Football Association of Zambia be reasonable?

SINKALA, SUNZU and KALABA would they have gone to Lusaka if they were simulators?
Will the Football Association of Zambia be reasonable?

We announced Saturday that TP Mazembe had chartered a private jet so that Felix Sunzu STOPILA, Nathan SINKALA and Rainford KALABA can travel to Lusaka. The aim was to present the three selected players to a medical doctor designated by the Football Association of Zambia (FAZ) in order to make him see that they were quite unable to go and  play in China the Chipolopolo friendly game against Brazil on Tuesday. A very courteous approach that FAZ has considered as being a disdain. For the time being...

Up on their arrival in the Zambia soil, the three players were surprised to find that the federal physician designated by the FAZ, Dr. Mwila LUPASHA from the University Teaching Hospital, was present but not allowed to examine them.

He then told them that they had to go to China (Mr KALUSHA BWALYA the FAZ President had requested that on the phone) so that it should be the doctor accompanying the delegation (the team physician) and only him, who will find the merits of their unavailability. The concerned players would then be forced to travel for 14 hours instead of allowing the designated medical doctor in Lusaka to conduct a diagnosis...

Finally, the immigration service officers informed them that they could not leave the country except for a flight to China and nowhere else. Upon an order, it seems, by the Minister of Sports ...

TP Mazembe can only deplore this attitude of the Football Association of Zambia to which TPM has already demonstrated its goodwill. And the club now awaits the return of its international players hoping that in the meantime the FAZ will returned to their senses by allowing Dr. LUPASHA to do its job for which he was designated .


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